Scottish Album of the Year: Longlist 2017


Our first Merchant City Festival gig is MIRACLE STRIP

Only a few days to go until our Merchant City Festival tours begin, and we are very excited.

Starting off at the Old Fruitmarket, the four tours are a two-hour swing through the musical past and present of the Merchant City and East End.

From the dung-flinging audiences of the Panopticon to the Barrowland’s more romantic stories, the tours bring some of Glasgow’s most famous venues to life. The first tour is on Sunday 26th July. Tickets are £5 (£3) and you can buy them from here.

Each Merchant City Festival tour will finish around 4pm at Mono, with a free gig from an up and coming Glasgow band. Beginning with…

This Sunday Glasgow Music City Tours & Mono present: MIRACLE STRIP

Miracle_Strip_2_by_Mark_ScottPhotograph by Mark Scott

Miracle Strip are a duo comprising brothers Fergus Christie Jack (vocals, synths, lyrics —formerly of meteoric noise-pop trio Dirty Summer— and Malcolm Bruce Jack (guitars, synths, programming).

Their debut album Magic Milk —described by Clash Magazine as “fragrant, tropical,woozy,otherworldly pop music…deliriously fun”— is out now on cassette/ digital download and is available here.

Glasgow Music City Tours asked Malcolm to tell us what inspires him about Glasgow as a music city.

How long have you lived/played in Glasgow?
I’ve lived here on and off since 2007 and been making music with various different bands/projects for about as long.

What makes Glasgow special/unique as a music city?

Music is such a common pastime for people in Glasgow – whether it’s making music or helping to make music happen, or just going along to gigs. With all that interest comes this huge and varied infrastructure in terms of venues, promoters, rehearsal spaces, social spaces, music shops etc. The whole thing is like a feedback loop, helping to create and establish new bands, who in turn encourage more people to come out to shows and participate. There are few other cities in the world where you can find a good gig to go to practically any night of the week, almost any week of the year. Continue reading

Guest blog: Hendrix demolishes Green’s Playhouse, by Stewart Cruickshank

A very warm welcome to our guest blogger this week: the legendary Mr. Stewart Cruickshank, with memories of one of the gigs that led him into a life in music – seeing Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd (and more!) in Glasgow’s Green’s Playhouse in 1967.


For those who might not recognise his name, Stewart has made an incredible contribution to the music scene in the UK and beyond. Continue reading

Glasgow: what an excellent place this is – John Peel

As you may have guessed from the name, Glasgow Music City Tours is rather fond of Glasgow and music, especially when the two are combined. Part of what this blog aims to do is evoke memories of not just the great gigs which have happened here but also the people who supported the city’s music. Below is an excerpt from a John Peel interview done by Damien Love in late 1995. Continue reading