Raunchous, Rugged & Great: John Lydon on PiL and playing Glasgow

It’s a good week to be in Glasgow: John Lydon and Public Image Ltd are coming to town. When the writer Damien Love recently caught Mr Lydon for an interview,  he managed to ask him for us about some of his memories of playing in venues in the city over the years, among other things…

public_image_ltd_767-1PiL Glasgow, O2 Academy, December 19th 2009
Photo © Duncan Bryceland / © PiL Official Ltd

“You make it sound such fun!” John Lydon hoots, when I gently suggest that, over the years, Public Image Ltd has sometimes proved a quite volatile mix of people.

Still, the numbers don’t lie. Factoring in fleeting studio musicians and live accomplices, over 50 people have now passed through the continually shape-shifting group with which Lydon revolutionised people’s minds for the second time, following the implosion of The Sex Pistols in 1978.

“Well, because of how things started for me,” Lydon says, “I’d always presumed that that was what making music was like: being in a band meant you all hated each other. Continue reading

Guest blog: Hendrix demolishes Green’s Playhouse, by Stewart Cruickshank

A very warm welcome to our guest blogger this week: the legendary Mr. Stewart Cruickshank, with memories of one of the gigs that led him into a life in music – seeing Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd (and more!) in Glasgow’s Green’s Playhouse in 1967.


For those who might not recognise his name, Stewart has made an incredible contribution to the music scene in the UK and beyond. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Francis Macdonald: Part Two

Francis MacDonald

My Glasgow best venue? Well…

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