Sinatra 100 – Side Two

How did all these people get in my room? It’s time for Side Two of our virtual LP, marking the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s birth, featuring tracks chosen by a swinging gang of musicians, writers and other Charleys, Barn-burners and Clydes. If you missed it, you can still give Side One a spin here. Careful not to spill while you sip… Continue reading

We’re all doomed! Not really.

We found Dave Pollock’s Guardian piece about the ‘slow death of music venues’ thought-provoking and a lot of research has gone into it.

We’re less convinced that it told the whole story about Glasgow.

A number of us at Glasgow Music City Tours have or still do work as music journalists. We understand that an article has to fit the brief, make clear points and not muddy the waters but Glasgow’s live music scene appears to be in rude health rather than facing a slow death.

We wrote a reply on the article’s comments page:

‘As a former music journalist who wrote about many of the same Glasgow and Edinburgh venues as David Pollock, I appreciate the power of a punchy headline.

However, this article greatly exaggerates the slow death of live music in Glasgow.

While the closure of The Arches was indeed a blow, it could be argued that its demise was the exception around these parts.

In fact, new music venues open regularly in the city – The Hug and Pint and St Luke’s are both new for 2015; if somewhat inconvenient for the jist of this piece.

As befits the UK’s only UNESCO City of Music, Glasgow has a vibrant music scene with a pretty good infrastructure at every level from the 12,000 capacity Hydro (second busiest venue in the world by some measures) to the grassroots bar venues like Box, Sleazy’s, 13th Note Old Hairdressers, Stereo and, of course, King Tuts.

The diversity and depth of Glasgow’s current music scene, as well as its musical heritage, is one reason why we set up Glasgow Music City Tours

If you want to send a journalist along for a tour, we would be happy to demonstrate exactly how and why Glasgow’s music scene is alive and kicking.

Incidentally, I can’t speak for the other cities mentioned but Edinburgh’s music scene is far from dying. The Picturehouse has closed but Stramash is about to open and Summerhall has recently started developing a lively schedule of live bands.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Honest.’

Here we go… scheduled tours launch this weekend

King Tut's is the final destination for our Glasgow's Music Mile tour.

King Tut’s is the final destination for our Glasgow’s Music Mile tour.

It has been a beezer week for Glasgow Music City Tours.

Yesterday, we finished our last of four special tours for Merchant City Festival.

We had lots of guests come out on tour with us and our TripAdvisor reviews are all glowing with good comments.

We finished each tour with a concert from special guests at Mono.

Many thanks to Miracle Strip, Spinning Coin, Breakfast Muff and Sound of Yell for playing for us. Of course, we would also like to thank Mono for hosting us and helping to put the gigs on.

Lots of people were also very generous and donated fantastic raffle prizes for us. We raised £185 for Nordoff-Robbins thanks to both the prize donors and the many Mono customers who put their hands in their pockets for raffle tickets. Continue reading