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Barrowland Park Spring Clean 2017

Our friends, Fans of Barrowland Park, conducted a much-needed Clean Up at Glasgow’s Album Pathway on Saturday. The volunteers spent the morning brushing away layers of dirt from the coloured album ‘spines’ that make up the artwork. Thanks to their TLC, it quickly became easier to identify the named Barrowland performers on the 103-metre long display. Turner prize nominated designer of the Pathway, Jim Lambie, also delighted the Fans Of group by stopping by to chat with volunteers.

Photo courtesy of Tom Doherty

A temporary site earmarked for residential development, Barrowland Park’s current status is only guaranteed until September 2017. The group are campaigning to raise awareness of the Park with the aim of warding off future development plans. The ultimate objective is to retain the Park as a resource for the local community.

Photo courtesy of Tom Doherty

The group participated in the Clean Up as part of the nationwide Clean Up Scotland campaign, run by Keep Scotland Beautiful, the charity for Scotland’s environment.

Photo courtesy of Tom Doherty

We’d love it if you could lend them your support by following them on twitter and Facebook.

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