We’re Making Headlines!

Here are some of the mentions Glasgow Music City Tours have had in the press and elsewhere. Click the headline to read the full feature.

Daily Record 18 July 2015

Rock This Way

BBC Britain 23 October 2015

The Scottish City Where Rock’N’Roll Reigns

The New York Times 27 August 2015

Music is Glasgow

Marie Claire 2 March 2017

Why Glasgow is our new top city break

National Geographic Traveller 11 March 2017

City Life: Glasgow

The Herald 2 August 2015

In the footsteps of music

Emirates 22 November 2015

Ghosts of Glasgow Rock School

Rheinische 18 February 2017

Eine Tour durch Glasgows Musikszene

The Globe and Mail 29 October 2015

A walking tour of Glasgow’s rock ‘n’ roll geography

The Evening Times 28 July 2015

New tour celebrates the “city of music”.

The Toronto Sun 3 November 2015

Going grunge in Glasgow: New walking tour revisits legendary music sites

The Scotsman 9 June 2015

Company to offer tours of Glasgow music spots

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