Below you’ll find answers to the questions that come up most often. But if there’s anything else you’d like to ask, please email us, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Do I have to book or can I just turn up?
clash-ticketWe strongly advise you to book in advance using Eventbrite. We limit tour group numbers so that everyone can get the most from their experience. When a tour is full, it is full.

How much walking is involved?
Each tour covers approximately a mile and a half (2.4 kilometres). They last around two hours, sometimes a little longer, and we will be walking for most of that. There will be some stairs and, especially on the Glasgow’s Music Mile tour, some inclines. We love a pair of winklepickers as much as the next man but wouldn’t recommend them for wearing during the tours. On the other hand, comfortable, flat shoes are highly recommended.

Are tours ever cancelled because of bad weather?

Unless the Met Office has issued a warning of severe gales and advised against travel, tours will take place. Heavy rain, snow or wind will not halt the tours. If you are unsure, email us: info@glasgowmusiccitytours.com or call 07803 204 563

Glasgow can be sunny but is not generally known as a place to top up your tan. Our guides are good at finding sheltered spots en route but warm and waterproof clothing are recommended. An umbrella may prove useful.

Are there toilet facilities on route?
Our tours start and finish in venues with toilet facilities. We also try to ensure access to at least one venue with facilities during each tour. However, due to concerts, filming, rehearsals and so on, we can’t guarantee this access. However, our tours are in areas with lots of cafes, bars and shops with facilities.

I’m running late. What do I do?
Hurry up, please. We strongly suggest that customers turn up at the venue on their booking ticket at least fifteen minutes before the tour is due to start. There may be some leeway to wait a few minutes but we cannot guarantee this. No-shows will have their ticket forfeited with no refund.

I have an appointment/reservation at Xpm. Will my tour finish right on time?
The tours will take roughly two hours, sometimes two and a quarter. Traffic, road works and weather can all upset our careful calculations and we make no promises that tours will finish within the allotted two hours.

passWill we see inside specific venues?
We always aim to take tour guests inside certain venues but cannot always guarantee it. Band load-ins, sound checks and filming are outwith our control, and can prevent us from gaining access to venues.

Why don’t you show the specific routes of your tours?
Things change. Sometimes at short notice. Roads are shut; bands change their itineraries; venues close unexpectedly. These can all have an effect on our tour routes. Our guides can easily adapt around these changes but this does mean that we don’t publicise our routes in advance.

Is photography allowed?
Of course and our guides will happily help with pics if you want. There will also be plenty of selfie opportunities. We’re delighted if you want to share your tour experiences on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.

I’m looking for a good place to…
Buy a guitar string? Eat the best veggie burger in town? Or directions to a great, late bar with cold beer and a hot jukebox? Speak to our guides. They are local, they are switched on and they are happy to give suggestions. Within reason.

What is your refund policy?

Clients who cancel any tour booking will be charged a standard fee of £2 per person per booking to cover administration costs. The following terms and conditions apply:

Cancellation more than 24 hours before tour departure time – full refund less administration fee or transfer to another date or tour.

Cancellation within 24 hours or less of tour departure time – no refund will be given.

Our full terms and conditions are here.

Is the tour in English?
Yes. At present, we only offer tours in English. With advance warning, it may be possible to arrange private tours with an interpreter.

I have mobility issues. Are the tours suitable for me?
The tours may involve inclines, uneven ground and stairs. Contact us and we will do our best to advise how suitable your chosen tour may be. We cannot be held responsible for any cost or inconvenience incurred if we are unable to accommodate you or any member of your party.


Can we bring the kids?
Children aged five and over are welcome on the Merchant City – Past and Present tour. Due to licensing laws, we can only take children aged 14 or older on the Glasgow’s Music Mile tours.

Are the tours pub crawls?
No. We want all of our guests to have fun. However, we reserve the right to exclude without refund anyone who is under the influence of drink or drugs or whose behaviour is spoiling other guests’ enjoyment of the tours.

Can I smoke?
In Scotland, smoking is illegal in public premises such as concert venues. You can smoke in the street but please take into account the comfort of other customers. Also, please note that people are frequently fined for stubbing out cigarettes on the pavement rather than using public ashtrays.

Where can I read your Terms & Conditions? And how about your privacy and cookie policy?
Right here.

Will I meet Elvis?
No. But there is every possibility that you will spot the occasional well-known face.