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Cù Bòcan – experimental Highland Single Malt

a close up of a barrel

Once again we are delighted to be able to offer our Celtic Connections Trad Trail guests a complimentary dram of whisky at the start of our tours.

For the last few years, Tomatin have generously provided bottles of their Legacy single malt which we have enjoyed sharing with our guests.

This year, in addition to drams of Tomatin, we have another intriguing whisky for our Trad Trail fans: Cù Bòcan.

Subtly smoky, surprisingly sweet


Billed as ‘an experimental Highland Single Malt’, Cù Bòcan is only distilled in the winter, in limited batches. It is made with lightly peated Scottish barley and matured in a variety of casks to unlock unusual flavours, creating a subtly smoky and surprisingly sweet spirit.

It is described as a ‘celebration of the subtleties of smoke and perfectly balanced sweetness’. We’re looking forward to trying it when our Trad Trail tours get underway on the 21st of January.

You can book Trad Trail tickets here.

We will see you in January and offer you a dram. In the meantime, here’s the wild swimmer, broadcaster and Gaelic speaker Calum Maclean explaining how to pronounce Cù Bòcan.