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Glasgow Jazz Festival 2017: Ken Mathieson’s Classic Jazz Orchestra

Over the next couple of weeks we’re featuring some of the artists who will be performing at the Glasgow Jazz Festival 2017, starting with Ken Mathieson’s superb Classic Jazz Orchestra

Photo by Robert Burns

Having caught them a number of times, we can highly recommend the Classic Jazz Orchestra . CJO’s mission is to explore the fabulously varied back-catalogue of jazz in an informative and entertaining way. It does this by re-interpreting, not replicating, jazz styles covering the whole history of jazz from ragtime to contemporary.

Versatile Jazz talents

Within its ranks are some of Scotland’s finest and most versatile jazz talents and the combination of expert musicianship and the leader’s imaginative orchestrations resulted in their winning the Best Band category in the 2009 Scottish Jazz Awards.

It’s music to gladden the heart and animate the feet from an era when jazz was synonymous with joy.

Ken Mathieson’s Classic Jazz Orchestra play Wild Cabaret on June 21st at 8pm. Come along and make your feet happy! Tickets here