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Glasgow Music City…The Movie! Episode III

Glasgow is a great place for music. But don’t take our word for it – listen to what some of the city’s musicians have to say on the subject…

Today we’re releasing the third in a series of (very) short films we’ve put together, featuring Glasgow musicians talking about making music and going to gigs in town.

In the hotseat this time, we’re beyond delighted to have Steev Livingstone from the brilliant Glasgow-based trio, Errors. Are you sitting comfortably..?

Huge thanks once again to Sir Scott Paterson, director, interviewer and general man behind the camera for all of these films.

We’ll be putting up another little video soon…watch this space! Meanwhile, you can check out our other clips here including words from Teenage Fanclub’s Francis Macdonald, and Frances McKee of The Vaselines.

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