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Govanhill International Carnival

The inaugural Govanhill International Carnival and Govanhill Against Racism festival takes place from August 26-28.
On Saturday 26 August, Govanhill International Carnival 2017, will bring Govanhill’s diverse communities together for a celebration of its unique community.  On Saturday 26 August a colourful and lively Parade will weave its way through Govanhill to Queens Park Arena where there will be music and family friendly activities. Organised by Govanhill Baths Community Trust.
Sunday, August 27 will see Roots Rock Reggae Against Racism and on Monday 28 Rock Against Racism will mark the 40th anniversary of the Rock Against Racism movement.
Bands include Black Grape, Black Roots and Aswad, who performed at one of the earliest Rock Against Racism gigs in London’s Victoria Park in 1978. The festival is organised by Govanhill Baths Community Trust and the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust

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