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Great gigs at our Merchant City Festival tours

Sound of Yell will be playing Mono on Sunday 2 August after our Merchant City Festival tour.

Less than a week to go until our Merchant City Festival tours begin and we are very excited.

Starting off at the Old Fruitmarket, the four tours are a two hour swing through the musical past and present of the Merchant City and East End.

From the dung-flinging audiences of the Panopticon to the Barrowland’s more romantic stories, the tours bring some of Glasgow’s most famous venues to life.

The first one is on Sunday 26th July. Tickets are £5 (£3) and you can buy them from here.

The tour will finish at Mono around 4pm.

Free gigs at Mono

At the end of each Merchant City Festival tour, we are putting on gigs from up and coming Glasgow bands at Mono.

With many thanks to Mono, Miracle Strip will be the band playing this Sunday afternoon.

Miracle Strip are a duo comprising of brothers Fergus Christie Jack (vocals, synths, lyrics) – formerly of meteoric noise- pop trio Dirty Summer – and Malcolm Bruce Jack (guitars, synths, programming).

Clash magazine reckoned they delivered ‘fragrant, tropical, woozy, otherworldly pop music… deliriously fun.

You can hear them here.

The next tour is on Thursday 30th July. Tickets from here.

On that day, Spinning Coin will be playing a set at Mono.

The next afternoon, the irrepressible Breakfast Muff will be lighting up the stage at Mono. Tickets for the tour on Friday 31st July can be bought here.

The final Merchant City Festival tour takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 2nd August. Tickets here.

The magnificent Sound of Yell will be playing Mono from the back of 4pm.

Whether you have been on the tour or not, you are welcome to join us at Mono at 4pm for the gigs.

We’ll be holding a raffle each afternoon with all the proceeds going to Nordoff Robbins.

There are more donations coming in but right now we would like to say thanks to Chemikal’sMonorailBelle and SebastianAnne Ward,  Peter Ross and The Pastels.