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Guest blog: Mox Nox by Alison Eales

In February 2021, our former guide, supremely talented Alison Eales, blogged for us about the process of recording her debut album during lockdown. Just over 2 years later the utterly gorgeous Mox Nox will be released on Friday 24th March.

We invited Alison back to update us on what’ll be happening around the album release and send her huge congratulations.



Over to Alison…

I’m delighted to finally be releasing this album. I started recording it during the pandemic, and previously wrote about that process on this blog, but the writing started long before that. I can hardly believe that something I’ve worked on for so long is coming out at last. I am so grateful to everyone who has worked on it or otherwise offered words of support, and especially to Creative Scotland and Fika Recordings for having faith in the record.

a person standing in front of bushes

Alison Eales

I will be streaming a full playthrough of the vinyl as a YouTube premiere on Thursday 23 March at 8pm. The album itself is out on Friday 24 March and will be available on all the usual platforms, but of course I recommend that people buy it directly from Fika’s Bandcamp page – it is available as a digital download or a (very limited!) LP.


On Saturday 25 March I will be playing a live set at the Kinning Park Complex (doors 2pm), supported by The Just Joans, my Fika labelmates and one of my very favourite bands. Then in the evening I’m hosting a listening party at the Old Toll Bar (doors 7:30pm). That will be in the downstairs bar and there will be a playthrough of the album followed by some of my favourite tunes.

About Alison Eales: Alison is a long-standing member of the band Butcher Boy playing piano, accordion and other keyboards as well as arranging for choir and brass. She is also a member of Glasgow Madrigirls and has collaborated with bands including The Color Waves (USA), The Just Joans (Glasgow) and Featherfin (Norway).