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Rock’n’Roll Summer School for Girls Glasgow

rock n roll summer school for girls

Next week from the 13th -17th July, Girls Rock Glasgow holds its brilliant Rock’n’Roll Summer School for Girls; a week long music programme aimed at girls aged 8 to 16. You can donate to the summer school here.  Alisa Wylie, who writes the music blog Ambivalent Peaks, is volunteering at GRG and we asked her to share her reasons for getting involved. Thanks Alisa!

Feminism is very important. It is confidence, a sisterhood, a safe place and a home all in one. However, it took me years to come to terms with the term itself – I realise now that it’s more than a brand name on a belief system. It’s a livelihood. It’s what brought me to the lovely ladies working at Girls Rock Glasgow – an institution built on the foundation of a shared passion for both music AND feminism. Seeing those two things coming together was like a winning light bulb flashing on a game show. Sign me up! Although – when I looked into it and realised that the project was aimed at younger girls aged 8-16, I was initially gutted because I’ve always been an avid music lover, but I’ve never gotten around to actually learning to play any instruments. I had tried and failed before, but had I been of the age to partake, I would have felt more comfortable with this than replying to an ad on Gumtree for guitar lessons. I got in contact with the team regardless – and spoke with Jude. She’s one of the co-chairwomen of the project and was warm, welcoming and enthusiastic about the project. She let me know that from the 13th to the 17th of this month, the Art School venue will house Glasgow’s first ever Rock School for Girls – inspired by existing American models. The classes will be split up into juniors and seniors and the girls will get a chance to learn various instruments and participate in singing lessons. On top of the musical side of it, they will also be taught other practical things that come with being a DIY musician. They will learn how to make badges, practice screen printing, partake in a songwriting workshop, and one session will even concentrate on the importance of a positive self image – which we hope will help to boost the confidence in these young girls so that they won’t shy away from rocking out.

Patches by Half Stitch Embroidery –

I’m involved with the project now because I feel like it is so important that this sort of thing exists here. “People Make Glasgow,” but they start as young people. Glasgow is an ever-bubbling hub of creativity and having something that actively encourages young girls to try new things and expand their talents and potential is absolutely necessary. If you’re interested and want to support us, we have a donation page here. Here’s our website, and we’re also on facebook, twitterinstagram and tumblr.