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Save Barrowland Park 2017

The Album Pathway, created by Glasgow artist Jim Lambie, pays homage to the iconic Barrowland Ballroom and its role in Glasgow’s musical history. Arranged like the spines of records on a shelf, the Pathway lists the names and dates of bands who played Barrowland from 1983 until the Pathway was installed for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Situated just along from the Barrowland, the Pathway forms a welcome “temporary” green space in the heart of a bustling urban area.

Our tour guests on the Pathway

Fans of Barrowland Park is a community group formed to campaign to save Glasgow’s Barrowland Park/ Album Pathway. On Saturday 8th April from 11am-1pm they’re holding an event to spring clean the Pathway.

Readers may remember a previous blog we ran about the campaign/ petition to Glasgow City Council last year. Barrowland Park was granted a temporary reprieve and as far as we’re aware that lasts until September this year.

Walking the Pathway with our guests

Like our friends at Fans of Barrowland Park, we’d hate to see the park disappear or move. It makes perfect sense right where it is. Our tour guests love it and are dismayed when we tell them it might not always be here.

Fans of Barrowland Park would love it if you could:

Follow them on FB and twitter.

Keep an eye out for events and public meetings.

Take photos if you’re at the park and either tag them and/or use the #SaveBarrowlandPark hashtag.