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The strange tale of Scarlett Johansson’s Bum

One of the real pleasures of doing Glasgow Music City Tours is the experiences that our guests bring to the tours.

We have had people who remember going to the dancing at Barrowlands and guests who have performed on the band stand at Kelvingrove.

Some have met their life partners in the venues we visit and others have had their lives changed by gigs they were at.

Almost all of the people who come on the tours have memories of great gigs they attended in at least one of the venues we cover.

Others create their own memories while on the tours.

Yelp Glasgow

Last Saturday, we took a team of Glasgow’s Yelpers out on our Glasgow’s Music Mile.

They were a lovely bunch who laughed in all the right places and seemed to enjoy getting up on stage at King Tut’s at the end of the tour. They have written lots of nice things about their experience.

Earlier in the tour, we had swung by Nice ‘n’ Sleazy and told how Scarlett Johansson had hung out there for a couple of nights while filming Under the Skin.

‘In fact,’ as our guide pointed out to the tour group, ‘One of you is probably sitting on the exact spot where Scarlett’s bum was.’

It’s a throwaway comment that always raises a giggle.

In this instance, it also prompted four of the tour group to take a selfie and declare that they had been moved to form a band which would, of course, be called Scarlett Johansson’s Bum.

Scarlett Johansson’s Bum

We look forward to their first gig. The pic is rumoured to be their first alBUM cover.

Sorry, I’ll get my jacket.

As ever, you can buy tickets for our tours from here.