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Untypical Girls: Styles and Sounds of the Transatlantic Indie Revolution By Sam Knee

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women in music often had to shout to be heard. This book traces the sounds, attitudes and thrift store looks of women who refused to be silenced. From the punk and post punk scenes through the permutations of indie, shoegaze, grunge and eventually riot grrrl, Untypical Girls is a celebration of all things female in independent music.

Author Sam Knee has unearthed hundreds of previously unseen photographs of bands such as the Slits, Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland and Bratmobile; and of personalities including Viv Albertine, Lydia Lunch, Siouxsie Sioux, Courtney Love, Kim Gordon and Annabel Wright and Katrina Mitchell (The Pastels). Exclusive interviews with Debsey Wykes of Dolly Mixture, Julie Cafritz of Pussy Galore, Gina Davidson of Marine Girls, Kira Roessler of Black Flag and Erin Smith of Bratmobile provide insight into the politics and daily realities of the time.
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MoDettes 1980 by David Newton

Kim Gordon: 1984 by Dave Rick

This book follows on from Sam Knee’s previous titles, The Bag I’m In Memory of a Free Festival and A Scene In BetweenUntypical Girls is a timely publication for feminists, fashionistas and music afficionados.