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What links Dr Who and Glasgow’s music scene?

We recently took the blogger Rob Lloyd out on a Glasgow music city tour.

Rob writes the mighty fine Stop Having a Boring Life blog which documents his travel adventures all over the globe.

We took him all over the Merchant City and East End of Glasgow.

Barrowland Pathway

At Jim Lambie’s Album Pathway in Barrowland Park, Rob was particularly taken with the blue police box which sits at one corner of the park.

When you live here, police boxes are still common enough that you tend not to notice or remark on them.

Of course, if you are a visitor then the sight of an old blue police box means only one thing: Dr Who.

But, aside from Barrowland Park police box, do you know the connection between Dr Who and Glasgow’s music scene?

It’s a story we cover on our Glasgow’s Music Mile tour.

Back in the day, long before being a Timelord was even a twinkle in his eye, a young Peter Capaldi was a student at Glasgow School of Art.

Punk rock

Naturally, there is no point being at art school and not forming a band and Capaldi teamed up with his mucker Craig Ferguson, later the host of the Late Late Show, to form a punk combo called Dreamboys.

It’s fair to say that it wasn’t the finest moment for Capaldi and Ferguson who claimed they were the only Glasgow band from that era who didn’t get to record a Peel session.

If only he had had his trusty sonic screwdriver back then perhaps things would have turned out very differently.