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Night School Records at A Weekend Abroad

Night School Records curate Friday 23 October’s event as part of Monorail Music’s A Weekend Abroad.

Featured artists: Molly Nilsson, The Space Lady and Happy Meals.

DJ Femme Fresh and Syophantasy

Berlin-based Molly Nilsson is undeniably a cult figure on the global pop underground, her songs resonating in the vast spaces created by the disparate points in our modern, digital culture.  That her craft is decidedly simple is the key: her songs are honed and direct, instant pop classics that embrace the universal while dancing with the personal themes she has been developing over the course of her career.  Her 6th studio album, Zenith, is released this September via Night School / Dark Skies Association and is her deepest collection of heartbreak and love-trials to date.  Music to fall in and out of love to.


The Space Lady forged her craft on the streets of San Francisco and Boston, supporting her family and enlightening minds along the way.

Her story has taken epic twists since the release of The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits at the end of 2013, seeing her criss-cross the globe playing to ever increasing acolytes searching for the pure transcendence a Space Lady performance induces.  Hers is a sound so unique, so universal, that it’s difficult not to imagine a greater, more peaceful world whilst one is in its embrace.  Friday 23rd October sees The Space Lady back in Glasgow since her shows last year at Counterflows and Queens Park Bandstand.


Since releasing their debut recordings – the self-titled and former Monorail Album of the Month Apéro – Happy Meals have toured the globe, garnered a Scottish Album of The Year shortlist nomination, developed into an ecstatic live experience that brings a loving psychedelia onto the dancefloor and, more importantly, captured the hearts of basement dwellers and cynics alike.  Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook’s partnership continues to reach new heights of expression and their arms are always open.


…are Jemma Hatherill and Catriona Reilly, two on-point selectors who have been making Glasgow move in different forms and in different guises for the last couple years.

Tickets are available here.

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