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Spinning Coin: A Weekend Abroad Saturday October 24

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Back in July when Glasgow Music City Tours launched at the Merchant City Festival, we ended each tour with a set from a local band at Mono. We were really pleased when Spinning Coin agreed to perform, although they must have wondered what on earth they’d committed to. Probably slightly bewildered they played on and were even kind enough to draw the raffle…

Sean Armstrong, Cal Donnelly, Jack Mellin and Chris White are young veterans of so many other groups, and an important part of an emerging new music scene in Glasgow with roots in Winning Sperm Party and other DIY grassroots action.  Now collectively making the most direct, most perfect / imperfect pop music you’ll get to hear since the sad day that Teenage Fanclub disconnected the fuzz box, they are at this moment in time unstoppable.  While very much looking forward to their brilliant Albany debut single on Geographic, this is a rare opportunity to catch them at only their 200th Glasgow show this year.

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