Tim Burgess

This weekend, Madchester veterans The Charlatans return to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street Party to headline the Waverley Stage. Earlier in the day, their frontman Tim Burgess appears in conversation with DJ Vic Galloway to discuss his two – count ’em – books to date.

Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2017 - Street Party Waverley Stage headliners - The Charlatans.jpg

His memoir Telling Stories was published in 2012 and earlier this year he followed up with the puntastic Tim Book Two: Vinyl Adventures From Istanbul to San Francisco in which he asked a bunch of musicians he respects for their favourite vinyl tips then set off round the record shops of the world to track down their recommendations.Burgess is quite the vinyl junkie and tells us that Monorail in Glasgow is one of his top five record shops in the world. Here’s some other things he told us: Continue reading

Christmas Competition!

We’ve selected a few of our favourite books this year for one bumper bundle for one lucky winner. To enter all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter: we promise not to bombard you with information.  A winner will be picked at random & the closing date is Sunday 11th December.

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Detroit 67 by Stuart Cosgrove

On Saturday 29th October we’re hosting an event at the Admiral Bar in conjunction with Divine to celebrate the launch of Stuart Cosgrove’s brilliant book, Detroit 67, it’s highly recommended. To kick the weekend off Stuart has very kindly penned a guest blog for us…thanks Stuart!

Detroit 67 is published by Polygon Books at £9.99

Detriot 67 Jacket 198x129.indd

I can remember exactly where I was when Detroit came into my life, in the kitchen of a council house in Scotland. My mum was staring despairingly at the cooker trying to decipher the hidden codes of an electric grill with only two settings: dry bread or burnt. The news was on the transistor radio, which when not tuned to the Pirate Radio stations floating beyond the reach of UK law, was always tuned to BBC Scotland.

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Glasgow Music City…The Movie! Episode II

Glasgow is a great place for music. But don’t take our word for it – listen to what some of the city’s musicians have to say on the subject…

Today we’re releasing the second in a series of (very) short films we’ve put together, featuring Glasgow musicians talking about making music and going to gigs in town.

In the hotseat this time, we’re beyond delighted to have Frances McKee, one half of the continuing legend that is The Vaselines. Are you sitting comfortably…?

Huge thanks once again to Sir Scott Paterson, director, interviewer and general man behind the camera for all of these films.

We’ll be putting up another little video soon…watch this space! Meanwhile, you can check out our other clips here including the first film in this series, with Teenage Fanclub’s Francis Macdonald.

Our second Merchant City Festival gig is SPINNING COIN

Our second Merchant City Festival tour is on Thursday 30th July at 2pm.

Starting off at the Old Fruitmarket, we take a walk through the musical past and present of the Merchant City and East End.

From the dung-flinging audiences of the Panopticon to the Barrowland’s more romantic stories, the tours bring some of Glasgow’s most famous venues to life. Tickets are £5 (£3) and you can buy them here.

In partnership with Mono, for the Merchant City Festival, we’ll be presenting a free gig at the end of each tour starting at around 4.15pm. We’re also fundraising for Nordoff-Robbins music therapy in Scotland and there will be a raffle with some great prizes.

This Thursday Glasgow Music City Tours & Mono present: SPINNING COIN


SPINNING COIN are a new band from Glasgow featuring members of passion pusher, breakfast muff, youngstrr joey, smack wizards, the yawns, neighbourhood gout, mr peppermint, eternal fags, plaaydoh…etc…etc…

Scottish Fiction described the track Albany from the EP Tape as “Polished enough to be audible and not just a demo, lo-fi and laid back enough to retain that effortless cool vibe, the track will swim around your head for hours after listening.”

Listen and read more here.

We asked Spinning Coin what they think of Glasgow as a music city…

How long have you lived/played in Glasgow?

We’re all from glasgow, been here forever! Spinning coin have been playing together for just under a year.

What makes Glasgow unique/special as a music city?

Lots of good people having fun making music! Continue reading