Glasgow Music City…The Movie! Episode II

Glasgow is a great place for music. But don’t take our word for it – listen to what some of the city’s musicians have to say on the subject…

Today we’re releasing the second in a series of (very) short films we’ve put together, featuring Glasgow musicians talking about making music and going to gigs in town.

In the hotseat this time, we’re beyond delighted to have Frances McKee, one half of the continuing legend that is The Vaselines. Are you sitting comfortably…?

Huge thanks once again to Sir Scott Paterson, director, interviewer and general man behind the camera for all of these films.

We’ll be putting up another little video soon…watch this space! Meanwhile, you can check out our other clips here including the first film in this series, with Teenage Fanclub’s Francis Macdonald.

Belle and Sebastian tours

Our regular Music Mile tour has great stories about the very early days of Belle and Sebastian but more and more people have been getting in touch asking if we could do bespoke tours focused on the band.

After scratching our heads for a bit, we came up with a flexible tour which takes in all of the major sites which are associated with the band or their songs.

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Glasgow Music City…the Movie!

Glasgow is a great place for music. But don’t take our word for it – listen to what some of the city’s musicians have to say on the subject.

We’re pleased to introduce the first in a series of (very) short films we’ve put together, in which Glasgow musicians talk about making music and going to gigs in town.

First up is Mr Francis Macdonald – composer, label impresario behind Shoeshine Records, and drummer with popular beat combo Teenage Fanclub


For more on Francis, check out his website.

Huge thanks to the legend that is Scott Paterson, director, interviewer and general man behind the camera for all of these films.

We’ll be putting up another little video soon…watch this space! (Meanwhile, you can check out our other clips here.)

Tigermilk Owners’ Club: members wanted


As we mentioned a few weeks back, we’ve had the bright idea of launching the Tigermilk Owners’ Club. We’re doing this to mark the 20th anniversary of Belle and Sebastian releasing their debut album.

Inspired by the fabled Blue Monday Owners’ Club, we want owners of the original Tigermilk vinyl album to send us pics of yourselves holding your prize possession. When we have enough of them, we will fire up the Tigermilk Owners’ Club page on this site and display all the portraits.

Only a thousand copies of the original were released way back in 1996. It’s a big ask but we’re hopeful that we will hear from a good proportion of their current owners.

We hate to generalise but we suspect that many B&S fans are quite shy sorts who might bridle at the idea of revealing their Tigermilk vinyl to the world along with their faces. That’s OK. We don’t need to see your faces.

Tell us your Tigermilk tale

Just a pic of you holding the album with a note of your name and where in the world you live. If you send us a pic of your album in isolation, it will look just like everybody else’s copy. We need context for this to work.

If you want to tell us a story about how you came to be a Tigermilk owner then we would love to hear it. Pics and a line or two would be great. Please, send them to

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Where You’re Meant To Be: Glasgow Film Festival


On Friday 19th February Barrowland Ballroom will be turned into a cinema for the first time as part of the Glasgow Film Festival. The occasion is the World Premiere of Paul Fegan’s documentary Where You’re Meant To Be.  It’s sold out, but as we write there are tickets available for the screening on 24th February at the GFT.

Aidan Moffat, former frontman of indie band Arab Strap – and best known for his no-holds-barred lyrics about sex, drugs and male anxiety – sets out to explore his country’s past by rewriting and touring its oldest songs.

It’s meant to be a tour that allows Moffat to explore the roots of his country. It’s meant to be a trip that celebrates Scotland’s communities and lore. But then he meets Sheila Stewart– a 79-year-old force of nature and travelling balladeer whose life, and unexpected death, upturns Moffat’s musical assumptions. He believes these old songs are ripe for updating against a modern urban backdrop. She does not.


With Sheila’s criticism ringing in his ears, the bold Moffat embarks on a trip around Scotland’s remote parts that proves to be as uncanny as the Scottish weather. He finds himself caught up in a feud between two monster hunters at Loch Ness, singing to a dismissive Hebridean farmer in his kitchen, and holding court with a mob of ancient warriors in a Highland graveyard.


The Arab Strap frontman will be bringing together a number of traditional and contemporary musicians from the film for a gig following the screening.

Bent Meltdown at Celtic Connections

BENT MELTDOWN (Redux) is nostalgia for an age yet to come. Distant echoes. The event is in association with Celtic Connections, following on from the Creeping Bent organised Pop Group / Sexual Objects performance for Celtic Connections in Jan 2014. The Bent Meltdown takes place at Oran Mor, Glasgow, on Thursday 28th January. Come early, doors are at 7pm and first group is on stage at 7.30pm sharp.

For ticket information, click here.

Prior to the show, we invited Douglas MacIntyre, founder of Creeping Bent, to share his memories of taking part in John Peel’s 1998 Meltdown Festival. Over to Douglas…

John Peel's Meltdown 1998 2


The Creeping Bent Organisation had been invited by John Peel to participate in the 1998 Meltdown festival, which he was curating. This was indeed a thrill, the label had only been releasing records for three and a half years (after our inaugural flight – A Leap Into The Void / BENT 001 – at the Tramway Theatre on 12th Dec 1994).

John Peel had first contacted Creeping Bent when he sent a fax to my old flat in Mount Florida, which was initially Bent HQ. He picked up on Creeping Bent quickly and was soon booking sessions by Bent artists for his BBC Radio 1 show. Curiously, in 1998 we had Creeping Bent artists featured on BBC Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4, plus support from Radio Scotland and the other BBC regionals. However, it was with John Peel that Creeping Bent had the most fruitful relationship. Continue reading

Emma Pollock: In Search of the 13th Note

One of our favourite Glasgow singers, Emma Pollock, is poised to release her latest solo album, In Search Of Harperfield, on Chemikal Underground Records, the fine, fine indie label which she set up with her bandmates in The Delgados way back in 1995 and which paved the way for so many other DIY labels and projects in the city.


The 13th Note scene from which the band and label emerged is featured in our regular Merchant City Music Past and Present tour and is so celebrated that there is even a documentary film, Lost In France, currently in production about a fateful French festival trip undertaken in the late 90s by artists on the label.

Emma Pollock launches In Search of Harperfield with a gig at Oran Mor, Glasgow on 29 Jan as part of Celtic Connections

Glasgow Music City Tours guide and Scotsman music writer Fiona Shepherd spoke to Emma recently about Glasgow’s DIY indie culture and the glory days of Chemikal Underground.


What are your memories of the scene in Glasgow when The Delgados were starting out?

I don’t think there is any doubt that if I’d gone to university anywhere else, certainly in Scotland, I wouldn’t be in a band just now. I just don’t think there would have been the riches that were all around us at the time to dip into. Glasgow at that time – and I would argue still – was absolutely teeming with new bands and nights at the 13th Note – the 99p club, the Kazoo Club, Club Mouth. And there was just gig after gig after gig in King Tut’s. Continue reading